Rising Stars

Growing a brighter future, one chld at a time


Rising Stars believes that we can make our world a better place by helping our children shine and grow.

Who are we?

Established in 2012, Rising Stars was founded on the personal giving philosophy of Oliver T. Carr, Jr., who believes that every child is miracle and deserves a quality education in order to become a thriving member of society.

What do we do?

Rising Stars raises money to support organizations which help “at-risk” children succeed in their education and their community.

Why do we do it?

It’s simple really – Rising Stars believes that a solid education is an “at-risk” child’s best opportunity for a better life. By supporting educational programs, Rising Stars helps children believe in themselves and have the knowledge to live up to their potential.

Rising Stars truly believes by helping children rise up through education and creating a life-long love of learning, we will help our nation continue to grow and succeed.

How do we do it?

Along with our corporate partners such as Carr Workplaces, Rising Stars holds a number of fundraising and educational events throughout the year to raise money for scholarships, school supplies and other vital components of the programs we support.

Our Founder:

Oliver T. Carr, Jr. is chairman and chief executive officer of The Oliver Carr Company.

“Ollie” Carr was born in Washington and attended the University of Maryland, College Park. He got his start building homes in Montgomery County. Then, a graduate school course in urban development at George Washington University challenged him to create new ways to build communities within cities.

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The young entrepreneur turned his vision to the revitalization of downtown Washington. As the first developer to return to D.C. after the riots of the late 1960’s, his company planned and developed the city’s West End, built Metropolitan Square and two of the first projects in the city’s East End. The company developed a series of projects connected to the city’s new Metro system and located within walking distance of hotels, restaurants and parks.

In 1993, Carr America Realty Corporation, a NYSE- traded Real Estate Investment Trust, was formed. By the time the company was sold in 2006, it held one of the nation’s largest real estate portfolios, totaling approximately 26.3 million square feet in Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, D.C.

Named to the Washington Business Hall of Fame, Mr. Carr and three other Washingtonians received the prestigious National Building Museum’s Honor award for their cumulative work in rebuilding the city. Around town, he is perhaps best known for his company’s meticulous restoration of The Willard Hotel, a Pennsylvania Avenue landmark.

Today, Mr. Carr is still creating new ways to live and do business.  In 2003, he founded Carr Workplaces, a national network of commercial real estate solutions. He sits of the boards of both Carr Hospitality, an asset management firm, and Carr City Centers, a commercial real estate development firm.

Mr. Carr is Chairman Emeritus of both the George Washington University Board of Trustees and The Community Partnership for the Prevention of Homelessness, and is currently serving as Chairman of the Board of Rising Stars, an independent charity helping underserved children reach their full potential through quality educational opportunities.

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